Honeymoon House Escape Game

Honeymoon House Escape

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Nina prepared their resort room for her and her husband's honeymoon, instead of getting a hotel room they decided to spend the night at a resort where the houses are just like everyone's home. At the moment, Nina's husband is preparing food outside and Nina is readying everything for tonight's dinner, but as she does so she realized that the keys to the place seems to be missing, maybe her husband has it? So she just went to the door in-order to ask her husband outside if the keys are with him but then she realized another thing, the door seems to be jammed and it wouldn't open!

Nina called for her husband but it seems that he can't hear her, she also tried her best to open the door but it seems that the thing is stuck. What could have potentially jammed it? Nina could not fix the problem here for she doesn't know what exactly is going-on. Escape players, Nina needs help and if you have an idea on how to rectify this thing, then you are very welcome to try and solve this escape adventure from the house.

Escape players, will your skills and logic be enough on this escape? Honeymoon House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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