Honey Collector Rescue Game

Honey Collector Rescue

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It was always your dream to taste the honeycomb. You always hear about it from your friend who worked in the mountains. He would go with tribes there when it was time to collect honey. Then he would ask for one honeycomb. The tribes were always willing to give him one. It seemed like it was their way of showing they appreciated the help he was giving them. Every time you would meet, he would tell you about his adventures and keep on talking until he noticed your pout. He  would laugh a little and then promise to give you a honeycomb next time. This would make you smile and look forward to your next meeting. However, he wasn't able to meet you the following week. You tried contacting him but he you couldn't connect your calls. So you called his superior to ask about what was going on.

He said your friend was in a bit of a trouble up there but nothing too serious that he wouldn't be able to handle. You knew your friend. If it was something easily solved he would've returned already with the honey and honeycomb. You decided your help might be his only chance. Play Honey Collector Rescue outdoor escape game by Games 2 Jolly.

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