Honey Bee Girl Escape Game

Honey Bee Girl Escape

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Come join the rescue here and see if your skills are enough for this adventure. Honey Bee Girl Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Avm Games. Good luck!

There was this only huge house in the village and the one who lives and owns it is a collector for not just antique stuff, but also secretly for the mythical and magical. Albert knows about him and it's also secretly for he had been investigating on him too and his whereabouts. The village is absolutely lush and abundant in natural sources, but it's not just because of the efforts of the animals there, for there is also a mythical creature that is making that so, and that is the honey bee girl!

That being has an aura that makes everything natural near it to flourish, the location of where it lives is just at the forest behind the village, that's what made the people there to stay, for resources there were more than enough for them. Unfortunately though, that collector was already trying to search for that magical bee, until one day though he made a big break! Albert knew about this thanks to his meddling and soon if that bee is not returned to where it belongs, this place will surely wither. Escape players, it's common logic that if one messes with something that's mystical especially if it belongs to nature, there will be huge consequences. Albert doesn't want as such to happen to his village and that's why he planned to save that honey bee girl and free it back to the wilderness. Well it's not going to be an easy one but still, if he doesn't do something then everything here will be gone. Care to join Albert here on this rescue adventure for the bee in the house of the collector? Go ahead then and stay alert as you proceed.

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