Honest Cat Escape

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Gigi’s cat likes to roam around the town and that gives it joy so she just lets it. But there was this thing though about her cat and why she lets it roam around. Gigi was a gossip girl and her cat can talk! What’s the significance of that to anything? Well, this cat of hers can talk and that would obviously mean it can understand human speech, that’s why she lets it roam around so it can listen to gossips around town!

That is the most immoral thing to do, but what can Gigi do? She and her cat are a perfect match and if they don’t do what they do, then they’ll resort to something else, probably to no good still. That’s why when something happened to her cat that day, she really went out of her way to rescue it! Little did Gigi know she’ll have a hard time with the rescue here for it’s somewhat complex and a bit delicate. Okay then escape players, will you help Gigi with this then? Just help them as a person and not because of what they do.

Honest Cat Escape is the newest point and click pet rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Honest Cat Escape

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