Home Office Room Escape Game

Home Office Room Escape

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Come and join this office escape here for fun! Home Office Room Escape is another new point and click building escape game made by 8b Games. Good luck!

Sep was ready to leave for home now for office was over and boy it was a doozy, so he packed-up his stuff and got his room/cubicle ready for tomorrow, but as he was about to leave however something happened and because his office-mates have already left even his boos, then this problem will be on his plate and only for his! Sep somehow got trapped in the office for the automatic doors are now shut and the sensors seems to be off!

Those should not be now for really, in years he had been working in the place and that never really happens. Escape players, Sep is really not happy here for he still has work tomorrow and it's getting late now, he must prepare back at home so he can sleep well and efficiently do his work then. Yes he is pretty meticulous, but sometimes you need to be that to get things done successfully and smoothly. Join in Sep's situation here then, find your way out of the office building for you didn't have overtime issued for this. Have fun!

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