Home Goods Halloween House Game

Home Goods Halloween House

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Christine's luxurious house is where the attraction for Halloween's eve will be, Christine knows a lot about being nominated for she once was the nominator and she knows what to do if she gets picked. The nominee must decorate his or her house for Halloween and also, he or she must pick a room in the house which will be the walk-in attraction. Christine will be selecting her living-room and because it's only a week away before Halloween comes, she needs to hurry for there isn't much time already. But as she was beginning to fixing the room however, a problem came-up and Christine got caught into it!

Christine got trapped in her house for she thought she might have done something and that got doors jammed! This is already not turning good for her and that's one of the reasons which people should always do things early if there is a deadline so that if there is a mistake, the allocated time can accommodate it. But this issue here could be pretty serious and there is a possibility she might back-out which she doesn't want to, that's why she is going to solve this and with your help escape players it can be solved quicker. Will you give Christine a hand here?

Home Goods Halloween House is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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