Holiday Cabin Escape Game

Holiday Cabin Escape

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The holidays are your favorite time of the year. You can do whatever you want with your time. And no one can tell you to work. No one will even look for you with work related matters. You feel like you're immune to any stresses you can possibly face. For this holiday, you want to spend some time on the cold snowy mountain where there are holiday cabins. You want to enjoy the winter and do some activities. You're not really good with skiing yet. But if you keep on coming here every winter, you just might. Then again, even if you're not very good yet, you still want to try it out on your own. So you walk up to the high part to ski down. Everything's going smoothly until you somehow got disoriented. You don't know where your direction should.

You can't stop though. So you just keep on skiing down until you reach the bottom. However, this is not the place you're staying at. The place is not the same at all. You don't know how to get back so you just have to find your own way. Play Holiday Cabin Escape room escape game by Mouse City.


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