Holiday Adventure Escape Game

Holiday Adventure Escape

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Clint went on a holiday to the icy regions of the world, he has a big cabin there and it's quite cozy even though he is there by himself. In a few days though his friends who were just 3 days late from him will be coming over too and that's why he won't be alone there for long. Clint prepared things like firewood and cleared the path so that the snow won't pile-up too much along on it, but he felt cold after a while and he needed to enter the house again and get warm. Clint put-down his stuff and head for the door, that's when he realized something though and that's he could no longer get himself in the house for he seems to be missing his keys!

He knew he shouldn't have locked the doors and now he is facing this problem and he fears that his keys might have fallen and got covered by snow! There is no way to find those then, not until he freezes to death at least, but he will still if he can't get himself back inside. Escape players, Clint is already feeling cold now, will you help him get inside and quickly before the frigid winds pick up?

Holiday Adventure Escape is the newest point and click snowy wilderness escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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