Hold Up 2 Part 3 Game

Hold Up 2 Part 3

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In the previous challenge, Tony tried his best to escape from the quarantined building and he might have successfully escaped and got disinfected. But escape players on this challenge here, we join another person who was currently far away from the city and in some stone structure in the middle of the wilderness! That person was Orville and he was trying his best to summit the mountain and because he can't go back to the city as of the moment, he must reach the camp up there and stay for the week or potentially 2. But along the way however, Orville had a hold-up for he found that said stone structure which he hadn't seen before.

It was such a new thing for Orville to the point that he investigated on it just to see what the place was and who it houses. He might find something interesting there or maybe, something that he can be scared of! Escape players, care to join Tony here as he investigates the strange structure as slowly and carefully as possible?

Hold Up 2 Part 3 is the newest point and click wilderness adventure escape game from First Escape Games. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and is a part of the first as the start of the entire series.

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