Hold Up 2 Part 02 Game

Hold Up 2 Part 02

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In the previous adventure, Tony got himself trapped in a quarantined building and because nobody is brave enough to enter there and get contaminated by whatever is in the place, nobody can help him. He might or might not have escaped but with your help, he might have. This time escape players, we move to an area which was more than just quarantined, we are at the ancient stone village and the place had been abandoned for centuries! People have come and go from there and had called it their home however, that's why one day Ron decided to check that ancient place to see if there are people living there now and maybe to relocate them so the place can be preserved. But he instead met a problem in the place.

The stone village has this twisting and turning pathways and at first Ron was only thinking about getting potentially lost in there, until it became real! Ron got lost and because he came alone, nobody can help him here except himself! Ron had no idea what to do now for if he makes another wrong move, he might get lost in the place even more. Escape players, care to join in the escape here and see if you can give him a hand with your escape skills?

Hold Up 2 Part 02 is another new point and click old place escape game made by First Escape Games. This game is a continuation of the previous one, and is a part of the first series.

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