Hockey Coach Escape Game

Hockey Coach Escape

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You were planning to quit the hockey team. You had been a member for only three months. However you felt like you weren't doing good enough for the team. You didn't want to burden the team with your indecisiveness. So you called your hockey coach to tell him that you were quitting the team. One of your teammates heard this. He immediately tried to talk you of leaving. He shared his story of also feeling the same for the first year of joining the team. There were so many reasons for him to quit. But his teammates kept him moving on. Every time he was having a hard time, his seniors would gather around him to cheer him up. They kept on cheering for him until he felt he was ready to face the remaining challenges with a steadfast heart. He wanted to be the same person for you.

You smiled at his actions and you felt a sense of peace. But you already called the coach so you might as well visit him. You arrived at his house and it was already open. You thought he might be expecting you already. So you invited yourself inside. You waited for him to appear. And when you didn't see him, you started calling out his name. You heard a reply and you realized what was happening. Play Hockey Coach Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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