Hippo Calf Escape Game

Hippo Calf Escape

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The place where Ethan lives is really a dangerous one for not only lions and crocodiles are everywhere, hippos too which can become very territorial, can cut an animal that can fit in its mouth in half, and can also run as fast as a car. But they are still animals and it's understandable why they become aggressive at times. Still Ethan chose to live there for it's paradise to him. One day however, he never thought he'll do something as such, but it's a must even though it's dangerous.

Ethan found a small camp which looked like it belonged to some poachers and they had a catch that day, and that's a hippo calf locked inside a cage. Ethan really wanted to mind his business, but something is really pushing him to help the animal and of course if he doesn't then the poachers will just keep coming, so he finally decided so. Escape players, Ethan here is going to rescue a hippo calf which got captured in the poacher's camp, will you have the courage too and help him out with the very dangerous task? If so then remain stealthy and use everything you can find around the place.

Hippo Calf Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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