Hill Region House Escape Game

Hill Region House Escape

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Your friends were planning to buy a property on a hill. You thought it was also a good idea. So you all gathered to check the place. The house was already fully furnished. You liked it but you still wanted to change all of the furniture. It seemed like you could still see the previous owner occupying the spaces there. Your friends agreed with you and you began browsing for your designs. Suddenly, one of your friends shrieked. All of you looked at her direction but she just burst out laughing. She said she almost forgot about lunch and she had to prepare it. You jokingly rolled your eyes at her and laughed as well. Soon you had your lunch and the gentle breeze slowly rocked you to sleep. You shouldn't sleep yet so you just read a few pages of the book you bought.

It was getting a little cold. And you searched for a blanket. But you couldn't get your hands on one. So you opened your eyes and realized you were not in your own room. You scrambled out of bed to find your friends already gone. They must have thought you already left when you moved your car. But you were still inside, and you needed to leave too. Play Hill Region House Escape room escape game by Escape 007 Games.

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