Hilarious Boy Escape Game

Hilarious Boy Escape

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Franco was up for comedy night later that night but he is not in the mood at the moment to think about what jokes he needs to let go, that's why he pulled an ace up his sleeve and that is to consult the smartest boy in the neighborhood, for comedy only that is. Franco tends to hear puns from the kid and mostly they are pretty good, he thought that day maybe he can get a few from him and release that for the people's funny consumption tonight. But there was currently a situation in the boy's house and he is lucky Franco came.

For hours, the kid had been trying to get himself out of the house for he is trapped and his parents at the moment are not home! Nobody can help him and it's good that Franco was there about to ask him for help, it seems now the boy needs more help for he is in real trouble right-now. Escape players, Franco is going to help the kid as a good gesture and maybe he can help him too by providing some good puns for the show. Will you help Franco help a kid here who seems to be good in comedy go free?

Hilarious Boy Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games.

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