Hiker Escape

(87 votes, average: 4.26 out of 5)

Jimmy had a scheduled hike to the mountains and his friend agreed to come only if Jimmy can bring his car and drive up to the starting-point. Of course Jimmy will bring his car, the mountain’s location is pretty far and he’s crazy if he won’t bring it. Jimmy finally arrives at his friend’s house so he can pick him up, he called and he sent a message but still no reply or anything. Jimmy got tired of waiting and he finally decided to enter the house to pick him, for all he knows he could be asleep or something. Jimmy welcomed himself and tried to find his friend, but it is weird for there seems to be nobody around. Jimmy was confused, something added to it though for when he realized the door of his friend’s place wouldn’t open, that began the real problem.

Jimmy seems to be an unwelcome guest here now, but where was his friend anyways? Is this some sort of prank? This can’t be possibly, for they have a schedule to chase and this is wasting a ton of time. Escape players, Jimmy needs help here and that is by escaping from this place, care to join in the escape and see if you can escape?

Try your skills and logic here everyone, see if you can escape from the house. Hiker Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by 8b Games.