High School Escape Game

High School Escape

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The children are currently out from school due to the current global situation, still Bryan was currently at the school for as a repair man, he still needs to do some repairs in the building for there are damages in there from before and the slight damages too occasionally which needs to be tended as well. Bryan is currently repairing some things in a classroom for the room haven't been tended yet and now he needs to do this so he can move on to the next task, but then as he was doing his current one, something happened and now he could no longer move from the place, quite literally!

Bryan is now trapped in the room for now the door could not be opened mysteriously! Bryan told himself then, is this another thing to repair? Well quite so for now the thing seems jammed. Okay this is an extra thing to do and  of course he needs to do it or he won't be able to get out from the classroom. Bryan needs to get the door to open so he can find-out what really happened, will you help Bryan here so he can escape then? Go ahead and test your skills as well with us!

High School Escape is a brand new point and click room escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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