An antique painting hangs on the wall in Hidden Objects Room Escape 2.

Hidden Objects Room Escape 2

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The Creighton Clan is a well-known family because of their wealth and status.  Most noteworthy is their generosity, compassion, and love for an adventure. Every year, all members from branching families would attend the grand family reunion. No boring parties for this bunch! The matron hosts the reunion in her grand mansion and she is famous for coming up with the most unforgettable events.

This year is no different. She had prepared her mansion and the grounds for a treasure hunting theme. The treasure were no ordinary dime store party favors. These are genuine gems and gold and jewelry that she acquired as a treasure hunter in her youth. But to be able to find and keep the treasures, she challenged her children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews to solve the riddles and puzzles scattered around.

Hidden Objects Room Escape 2 is a room escape game and also a hidden objects one! In this Ainars game sponsored by, you need to get out of the room by finding hidden objects.

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Walkthrough video for Hidden Objects Room Escape 2

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5 months ago

Very nice! Ty!