Hidden Forest Game

Hidden Forest

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This forest is your sanctuary. You are the only one who knows about this forest. It is really nice to know that you are the first person to discover this place. You can enjoy the place on your own without anyone bothering you around. However, there is also a downside to this. Since you are the only person who's in this place, then you have to find your own way to escape from here. You thought that you discovered everything about this forest but you are wrong. There are so many paths that you only discovered today and you don't have somebody that can help you out. On the good note, there are hints that can help you to find the way out. There are many puzzles that will hinder your way and you need to use your own logic to solve those.

You don't know how but there are objects along the way that you can also use to solve the puzzles. It is quite dangerous to stay here in the dark so you have to escape as fast as you can. Play this brand new outdoor escape game Mirchigames and escape from the Hidden Forest. Best of luck!

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