Hidden Away 01 Game

Hidden Away 01

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Hanson thought he was only trying to solve a normal serious crime and through his findings as he goes deeper, he seems to be uncovering something quite mysterious. The case is almost closed with only a few but compelling evidences, it is the more reason that he can't abandon this for he was curious himself. And so he began his off the grid investigation as he calls it to get to the bottom of this thing and if he ever finds something as well as he is satisfied, then he can put this to rest. But if this continues to lead him somewhere then he has no choice but to follow it.

Hanson started his investigation at the docks where a mysterious part of the case must be filled through there for it is still an anomaly. Will Hanson be able to find something in the docks which might lead him somewhere else then? Escape players, come and join Hanson here who is trying to investigate on something which was bothering him, he needs to get this done for he thinks there are still things hidden away from him which could really solve this crime with more solid evidences.

Hidden Away 01 is a brand new point and click investigative escape game from First Escape Games.

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