Heroic Peanut Escape

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The area from decades before had always been in constant turmoil and as always, things are uneasy and definitely unstable. But thanks to the heroic acts of the peanut hero who was a strange yet effective entity, the peace and the joy of the children there have been preserved. The peanut hero has only a few jobs there now in the present day and it’s all thanks to him, but he doesn’t really like that he has nothing to do though, for it’s making him dull and inactive. And so that day he did something which of course without common sense, resulted in him getting trapped and now he is the one needing help!

The peanut hero just got trapped in a structure there in the area and he was lucky that Andrew just passed-by to where he was, he heard the call for help and most definitely he sprung into action. Andrew saw the situation and now he is to help, that’s because the peanut hero inspired them to be helpful and it’s like he is returning the favor here also for all that he had done to them. Escape players, you will now be playing as Andrew here, will you be able to free the hero from where he is trapped and safely? Prepare yourselves then for this could be garnering some tough challenges.

Heroic Peanut Escape is a new outdoors rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.