Hermit Crab Escape Game

Hermit Crab Escape

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The island is a treasure in the middle of the sea and because it is already a private island resort, only a few can go there but except the locals though who already lives there. Bert is on the island that day reclining and just watching the sea ahead, in the distance along the shore, he saw these local children playing on the beach but then at some point they picked-up something and ran just right beside him. He saw that the children where holding a rare-looking hermit crab and because he works as a marine biologist, he haven't seen that such before! So he stood-up and tried to follow the children for the crab they are holding.

It is a funny setting, but it ain't when Bert came across with them again but they ran quickly as they saw him. Bert is sure the crab is not with them anymore, for they were holding it but now it is gone. That crab might still be in the immediate area and that's why he'll try to find it and maybe record it, that thing should not be abandoned to dry on the beach too so that made him even more determined to find it. Escape players, come and join Bert here on his attempt to find that rare-looking crab for it could definitely be rare and it is important to discover it. Keep your eyes open now along the beautiful beach.

Hermit Crab Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Big Escape Games.

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