Helping Easter Friend

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The land is once again preparing for Easter and the two friends which was a chick and a bunny felt this, guess it’s time to pay the Easter bunny a visit again for they would like to be of help in hiding the eggs in the area just like last year for the Easter egg hunt. And so off they went to the wilderness and they were ready for they still have a ways to go. It is now starting to get dark but the two friends must continue so they can make it to the Easter bunny’s place. But as they did that however they just wished they just went on the journey early, for one of them just got in danger for it didn’t see where it was going!

It was dark and the bunny accidentally went into a trap and when it did, the cage locked immediately and it can’t get out! The chick was definitely concerned and because it doesn’t have a lot of strength plus thumbs, it’ll have a hard-time freeing its friend. The friends are both very concerned now for not only they’ll get late in arriving at the Easter bunny’s place, the owner of this cage could return and gather his or her harvest! Which was the trapped bunny. Escape players, the chick needs help here right-now in freeing its friend and it’s not even an option abandoning it, will you help them both and quickly so they can be on their way?

Helping Easter Friend is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Helping Easter Friend


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5 months ago

Not surprisingly, now “WoW Escape” is trying to lure players with money. The quality of the games of this group and many others has fallen dramatically. Only those who have never seen really good online games from the same groups of programmers, for example, in 2015, can fail to understand this. There are very few game developers who have retained their level: for example, “Escape Fan” and “Fun Escape Games”. The rest, without any shame, produce out absolute trash over and over again.