Help The Tourist Boy Game

Help The Tourist Boy

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Search parties have already been deployed but still, the boy who was a part of the tourist group who went to the forest couldn't be found. They know the kid is still alive for he has some skills in survival, but the problem is he doesn't know the place yet and that's why he needs help for he can get even more lost in the deep parts of the forest. As a part of the rescue party, Norman went out of his way for he feels like the kid is lost in a specific part of the forest and he was right! He found the kid and he even pitched-up a tent! That kid is definitely experienced, but they all need to get out now manually for Norman can't radio due to the distance they were in from the base.

Escape players, Norman is now going to navigate out of the place with the kid and hopefully they will be able to leave from there before darkness really sets in. Come and help Norman here and be very carefully, for the forest can get pretty dangerous at dusk.

Help The Tourist Boy is a brand new point and click wilderness rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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