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Help The Thief

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Help The Thief is the newest point and click building rescue escape game from Big Escape Games for more dose of fun escapes here with us plus a rescue. Have fun!

Greg and Tom was planing to rob the hotel which was not abandoned but at the moment, the only person going there is the caretaker so that the place can retain its beauty even though it's not being used anymore. That building is definitely not ruined, so the two can expect its original safeguards to be there, well they indeed continued and of course it really isn't a good idea. That day, the two knows the pattern of the caretaker's whereabouts in the place and at the moment, they know he won't be coming-back until hours later. And so, their mission continues.

Tom was the first one to enter and Greg will be the lookout from the outside, they agreed on a time and if he doesn't get-out in that window, Greg must assume he is in-trouble. That given time unfortunately arrived and also, he heard Tom yelling from inside the place and it sounded pretty far deep into the hotel! Greg knew this wasn't a good idea, now he has to be with his friend and get him out of there. Escape players, thieving is not a very good thing to do, working the clean way is better but on this situation, Greg only has to rescue his friend Tom somewhere in the hotel. Escape players, why don't you join in with Greg here as he rescue his friend? Go ahead then and good luck with the challenges.


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