Help The Pregnant Lady Game

Help The Pregnant Lady

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Help The Pregnant Lady is the newest point and click item retrieval game created by Big Escape Games for another fun adventure finding objects around a certain place. Best of luck!

Terry and his wife lived now in the luxurious village for he really ensured the future of his family especially that they are expecting at the moment. The place will be perfect for his family because of how clean the air was thanks to the nearby forest, and the supermarket which had everything they need is just a stone-throws away. One day, Terry was ready to go to work and he came to his wife to say goodbye, but as he came to her however she was actually in a predicament for she could not find her vitamins which she must take on-time. Well, Terry couldn't just abandon his wife there while she carries their child in her stomach, he decided to help as well and because the house was kind of big, he thought it's going to take some time indeed.

Terry is going to try and find those medicines around the house as quickly as he can, will he be able to make the search in the various rooms of the place? Escape players, you can join in the search with Terry here, find those medicines so his wife can take them on-time and he won't be late to work as well. Have fun everyone!

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