Help The Pink Kitty

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The forest have always hidden something Kieth wasn’t able to grasp or find, but he keeps going there though for he wanted to see what the place is really hiding, he thought he can really find what are these things that day which he knows is being covered by the illusions of this forest. And that day he seems to have accomplish that, and guess he’ll play along with it for at times if he doesn’t then the forest gets real angry and tosses everything it has at him, it’s even a miracle he is able to survive every time. That’s mainly the reason why it took him some time to venture most of the place’s areas.

What he found however was this pink kitty and the creature seems to be lost or something. Okay, a pink kitty. That’s definitely one of the illusions of this place. Or is it? For at one time he heard that somebody lost their cat in the village and that critter has an unusual color. Well, Kieth hates deciding if he’ll do this or not, but does he have a choice anyways? Escape players, want to help Kieth here help the pink kitty which was lost in the forest here? For if he doesn’t then the forest might act-up on him again.

Help The Pink Kitty is another new point and click animal rescue wilderness escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Help The Pink Kitty

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