Help The Lonely Tiger Cub Game

Help The Lonely Tiger Cub

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Come and try this animal rescue here in the lush forest. Help The Lonely Tiger Cub is the newest point and click forest rescue escape game from WoW Escape. Have fun!

Marty found a mother tiger and a cub in the distance while he was moving along the trail in the forest, he needs to get to the other town which was still a ways away before dark, but in the middle of his journey as he continued however he found something which was enough to make him stop on his tracks. Marty was in the middle of his journey when suddenly, he found an orange little thing with black stripes, and that was obviously a tiger cub!

Marty found a cub and by the looks of it, the creature seems to be in-distress and alone, that cub there could be another one from the mother which he had passed-by a hundred meters away! But how did it get so far from them though? Marty is pretty careful now for the cub could belong to another mother tiger, but he is going to just try and if that really is its mom, there is still time left but there should be no extra snags along the way after this. Escape players, care to join in with Marty here and see if you can help a tiger cub? Good luck then and be careful, for these are apex predators and can really bring-down the hurt on you.

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