Help The Halloween Ghost

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Every Halloween especially on its eve, spirits roam the land and they sometimes mix with the people unnoticed. But because they aren’t bounded on that time, they can get trapped in special things and that is what Maria is looking-out for, for she releases them so that they won’t create unwanted problems where they got accidentally sealed.

Escape players, Maria is in this horror house which looked very real. The house isn’t haunted, but the decors there make it look like it is so and more. Maria can sense a trapped spirit there and that’s why she went inside as a tourist, but actually her mission was to release this said spirit. Will you help Maria on this? For aside from the challenges she will be facing, there are other challenges there which she needs to face like various physical obstacles.

Help The Halloween Ghost is the newest point-and-click spooky rescue escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Help The Halloween Ghost

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