Help The Elves Pair

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It’s now that time of the year again, all of the elves who works at Santa’s toy factory must now be gathered from across the land. And as the one tasked to do that job, Herman must announce the need for them so they can all go for this year’s important task. Herman arrives to this couple elves’ house which was an igloo to tell them that their job is now open. But something was happening there though and one of the couple needs help!

One of the elves was out trying to get his partner out of the house for their door was now sealed shut! Herman discovered this and he was about to announce to them their work, but now he should put-up some work there for they need help. Escape players, imagine you are Herman here and he has decided to help the couple. Will you be able to free the trapped elf then and safely?

Help The Elves Pair is another new point-and-click house rescue escape game made by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Help The Elves Pair

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