Help Ria To Rescue Her Friend

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Ria and Jen are both archeologists and they are heading to a site there in the desert with a lot of important gear with them. The professor is waiting for them to arrive and the two are already hurrying it up for soon the sun will be setting and the desert here will be cold and dark. But as they went on their journey though, something happened and Ria now needs help with Jen!

Something deployed in the cart where all their gear is and the entire thing together with Jen were engulfed in this netting! Ria didn’t know what to do and she only has half a knowledge of the gear they are bringing, she didn’t even know what deployed there accidentally. Escape players, they need to move now and so they must solve this problem quickly so they can move along. Want to help here then so they can finally go?

Help Ria To Rescue Her Friend is another new point-and-click desert escape game made by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Help Ria To Rescue Her Friend

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