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Hellboy Escape

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The hellboy as he is called is known to be quite a being even though he is still young and most people will be very scared upon seeing him, that's why nobody would mess with him but that day however, William just got a discrete message which wasn't much but the missive was clear and a bit weird, for hellboy just got trapped in his own house and he thought then how is that even possible? The hellboy has brute strength and he can destroy his door with ease, William is starting to think that there might have been a powerful spell again which is trapping him in! It happened before in a different occasion and he was definitely trapped in something thanks to it, it wasn't a pretty situation also and that's why it got solved quickly.

William arrives in the house and he is starting to think that there might be indeed a spell here, for he could not open the door no matter how he tried and hellboy seems to be quiet inside the place, it definitely looks suspicious but William will of course rescue hellboy as quickly as he can for this kinds of situations if it ever is, is not at all minor. Escape players, will you help William here rescue the hellboy as quickly as you possibly can?

Hellboy Escape is another new point and click room rescue escape game made by 8b Games.

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