Hell Street Escape Game

Hell Street Escape

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It may sound weird to some but you have friends in hell. Yes you've been in hell and yes it's as miserable as they say it is. However, it didn't stop you from making friends with the creatures stuck there. Once in a while, they find some holes and escape for a while. Then again they don't look like how they were when they were alive. They take on scary appearances to remind people where they come from. Interaction with them is a definite no-no. Although they don't really mean to hurt anyone, they are still taking precautions. They don't want to accidentally bring someone along with them to the depths of the earth. So they find places to roam where people rarely goes to. However, they sometimes get stuck and can't get out by themselves. This is where you always enter the picture.

You have to be there when they roam the living world to help them get back easily. They frequent Hell Street which is a creepy part of the outskirts of the city. People tend to avoid this area which is a great help to the hell creatures. But will you always be able to help? Play Hell Street Escape outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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