Heart Beach Escape Game

Heart Beach Escape

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The heart beach is a small island from a whole-bunch of it and it's the only resort there for reasons environmental. Vera was able to fund her vacation to the place finally after a lot of months of work, when she got there she had never seen any other land that can match it. Not only that the island where the heart beach stands is shaped like a heart, the place is indeed serene and one can only hear the waves crashing on the beach, finally some silence from the city. Vera spent 3 days and 2 nights in the place, but on the last day of her stay however, she realized something weird and it is various factors which just piled.

First factor was the other few visitors in the island are gone, well maybe they left now for their vacation was over, Vera's concerns only raised when even the employees that are manning the place are also nowhere to be found. Second factor was the boats which should take her back are nowhere to be found, maybe they'll come back after they take the people back to the mainland? That's a possibility too, but a 3rd and then a 4th factor came to be realized which piled and that got Vera really concerned of her welfare. Escape players, Vera needs to find some answers what's going-on here for maybe she'll have to escape from the place or something. Want to help Vera with her problem in this beautiful island?

Heart Beach Escape is the newest point and click island escape game from WoW Escape.

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