Hauntingly Beautiful House Escape Game

Hauntingly Beautiful House Escape

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It's time to move out from your parents house now that you are in legal age. But even though you are moving away, your parents want to make sure that you are okay. In fact, they want you to find the most beautiful house in the city. You've been haunting for that beautiful house and you finally saw one on the internet. The ad is so great so you went to the place to check it personally. It looks good on the outside but it's the total different on the inside. This is not the house that you want to live in. So, you decided not the take the house. But the problem is, the house took you. Seems like this house is haunted and you can't escape from it.

The door closed when you entered and the only way to escape is to solve all the puzzles around the house. On the bright side, there are clues that can help you out. But despite those clues, you still have to use your logic to open the door. Play Hauntingly Beautiful House Escape room escape game from Games 2 Rule and find the quickest way to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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