Haunted House Halloween Game

Haunted House Halloween

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The once luxurious and decent houses in the neighborhood have now turned into a scary stuff due to the occasion which was Halloween! People there are really big with Halloween and if ever there was a contest there, everybody would win! But for Anthony however nobody would, for the decors are scaring the heck out of him.

Anthony had already gone through the decors once for he was asked to buy milk on the store and he almost got lost for he never thought that the Halloween decorations would be so detailed and because it is day, the details becomes enhanced! Anthony is now heading back home but he didn't want to see the decors in his neighborhood, so he passed through a different way but little did he know the Halloween decors are much worst there and that got him really scared! So scared in fact that as simple as that got him finally lost in his own neighborhood! Okay, now Anthony needs help here but he has nobody with him and he still needs to navigate through the scary houses so he can get home. Escape players, the issue with Anthony is different but still he is lost and needs help to get home, will you help him out by going through the scary well-made Halloween fixtures?

Haunted House Halloween is the newest point and click scary neighborhood escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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