Haunted House Escape 9

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Haunted House Escape 9 is japanese horror game. Imagine one day you were watching the tv in the livingroom when your phone rang. It was yout mother who asked you to go over at her house one weekend because she noticed something strange in the house. Every night scary noises came from the cellar as if some kind of ghost kept the house under control. You promised to visit her this weekend. When you arrived you couldn’t find any strange traces. She agreed with you and warned you not to underestimate the creature. As the night came you went to sleep but remained observant. Suddenly you could hear the scary noises and in the meantime something grabbed your mother’s leg and dragged her out from the room in the direction of the cellar. You couldn’t catch her and above all you found the door locked behind the creature. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out and rescue your mother. Good luck!