Hatred Beaver Escape

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In a joyous place which was the village, there is this one creature who everybody stays away from. That creature is a beaver and that thing is not only bitterly cold, but also grumpy all the time! Not to mention territorial as well. Nobody sets foot in his area, but as a person who needs to go everywhere just to keep a way of life, Terry still went and passed by its area and of course he expected to be chased by it, but weirdly though he wasn’t and that was one different thing indeed.

Terry checked the beaver’s place then for something might have happened to it. Terry looked around, that’s when he found-out that the beaver was actually trapped in its own home! Normally nowadays, people would just ignore the said beaver who was in trouble for the creature has done nothing but being angry and rude to everyone, but the people who lives in the place are different however, for they don’t hold grudges and they help everyone. That’s why Terry decided to help other than to ignore. Escape players, will you do the same as well if you were Terry? If so, then place yourself on his shoes here and see if you can get the grumpy beaver out, maybe that’ll smooth him out a bit.

Hatred Beaver Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.