Harvest Farm Escape Game

Harvest Farm Escape

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The small town where you live is starting to become prosperous, and that's because of the big farm nearby and it is really producing for everyone and also for the next town nearby. Every year they increase production and soon the place will have a tourism there in farming as well as growing ornamental plants. You have been to the farm many times for you are the one who buys fresh produce for the family directly from that farm, but you can't say that you know the place very well though, for you have only been to one area there and the entire place is huge. One day however, you woke-up in the place and it's weird for there was no schedule for you to buy some produce there, it's weird also that you just woke-up in a cornfield there!

You have no idea what happened but you are not scared or anything at all though, for the farm is quite charming and the only thing in your mind at the moment was mild confusion for you can't remember sleeping in the field there. Escape players, it's weird but you just swept it under the rug though and thought you just slept-walk, but you need to navigate out of there now and get home. Will you be able to do so by first going through the crop?

Harvest Farm Escape is another new point and click escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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