Harry Potter Hedwig Escape

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Harry is your friend here and he had just returned from school for the semester’s break. You know all about him for you are one of his closest friends, and actually he is staying in your home right-now for the break. This is going to be exciting! Come to think of it though you have no idea where he goes to school, but that is a question for another day for as yourself, you are really more interested in summer break than school. Okay then, maybe you and Harry can play with his pet owl Hedwig there for the day at the backyard, let’s see how it is when flying. But guess the day has some other ideas, for you just realized that Harry just got trapped in his room!

You have no idea what happened and how the door just went locking, it never does that really and that’s why you have no idea what happened. Okay then, Harry and Hedwig here needs some help and you bet you can solve this quickly now before this gets worst. Escape players, your friend Harry here is trapped with his owl in his room, will you be able to get him out? For he seems to be talking to someone in there. Maybe to Hedwig?

Harry Potter Hedwig Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Harry Potter Hedwig Escape

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