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Hard Time 02

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In the previous adventure, we joined Paul who got lost in the medieval park while doing a simulation run there. But with your help escape players, he was able to get back to base and call for his partner. This time, we join Carter who was a treasure-hunter and he is currently in the tunnels of an ancient place which he thinks would lead him to some real bounty. It could be for the tunnels is filled with traps and for him he really feels like it is defending something. Carter must keep going though for he had already wasted effort for this and went through a lot.

Escape players, Carter is going to keep going through the long tunnels and obviously through some traps, hopefully one won't get him but that can be an impossibility, that's why he needs your help here everyone. Use everything you can find to solve whatever puzzles Carter is facing for it seems to be deactivating some traps whenever he gets it done successfully, but get it wrong then it might in danger you and him. Ready now and stay alert for anything.

Hard Time 02 is another new point and click tunnels escape game made by First Escape Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as its sequel.

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