Hard Door Escape

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Doors are one of the most important parts of the house. This serves as the “security guard” or the “protector” of a house from burglars and other bad lads outside. This is why you make sure that your doors are hard and not easy to open. Although this seems to be a good idea, there’s also a downside of it. It’s true that thieves do find it hard to open but not only the thieves. You’re also finding it hard to unlock the door and that is your problem right now. You’ve been trying to open the door for several hours but you still can’t make it. It’s time for you to break the door by using the items that you can collect around the house. It’s nonsense to mind the expensive door if you will get stuck in the room forever.

Plan everything first and gather all the items that you can collect. Then use your logic and turn the object into a massive escape tool. There are lots of clues and puzzles that you will encounter before you can escape from the room. Hard Door Escape is the newest point and click room escape game from G7 Games. Good luck and have fun!

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Walkthrough video for Hard Door Escape

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