Happy Wizard Escape

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It’s Christmas and Harvey was waiting for this ever so enthusiastic wizard who lives in the forest to come and visit him, this guy is legit in magical arts and he is kind of like his teacher in the said arts. Still Harvey believes in the true message of this occasion and its meaning even though he delves in magic. And now he waits for his teacher for he had invited him over in his house.

After a while, Harvey hears a knock at the door, he is here and Harvey just told him to get inside. Well a few seconds passed and he is still not in. Harvey was a bit confused what happened to him, so he tried the door and that’s where he realized there was a weird problem. Harvey could not open the door and it was somehow sealed shut! His wizard teacher was at the other side of the door and he told him to maybe use his magic on this, well he can’t for at the moment he also doesn’t know what’s happening here, he fears he might destroy the entire door if he cast a spell not fit for this. Okay then, guess Harvey needs to solve this on his own using good old traditional methods. Well he doesn’t exactly know what’s happening either so escape players, want to help Harvey here with this problem so he can welcome his wizard teacher in for the Christmas feast?

Happy Wizard Escape is the newest point and click indoor game created by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Happy Wizard Escape

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