Happy Thanksgiving 2023

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It’s thanksgiving this year and Tyrone was able to join his family in a dinner and the menu was definitely for thanksgiving, that’s because it was a big turkey dish. Now Tyrone will be going to the edge of the forest just to walk and let his food digest, he will be checking his cage in the process too just to see if he had caught something, and he did actually.

What he captured was a turkey hen and outside of the cage was what is likely her partner, for it was a huge male turkey! What great things are here! But Tyrone thought he already had some turkey and there was even more leftover in the table right now, that’s why in just a minute he decided to free this bird so it can go and procreate with its partner. But escape players, Tyrone needs help on this for there is still this big male turkey constantly trying to attack him. Okay then, will you help Tyrone on this so he can get this bird out of his cage without anybody getting hurt?

Happy Thanksgiving 2023 is a brand new point-and-click wilderness animal escape game from Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Happy Thanksgiving 2023

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