Happy Snail House Escape Game

Happy Snail House Escape

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"A happy snail in the house and you'll nail everything in your life." Because of this you decided to get one just so luck will enter your home. You went to the pet shop and chose the biggest and most funny looking one and took it home. However, you need to make a home for it, too. Finally, you thought of an idea. If you find any boxes or something like that, it should do the trick. Let's look around and be creative.

Your storage room might have some so heading over to the place, you got out a small one for a temporary home. Your pet snail feeds on lettuce and stays in the box for the meantime If he's happy, you're happy. One day, though, it wants to go out on the garden so it can get some sun. You need to find it  or risk losing it. Good luck and have fun with your new roommate.

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