Happy Santa Claus Escape Game

Happy Santa Claus Escape

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Santa is the most jolly person that you can ever think of. You proved that when you heard his famous "Ho ho ho!" laugh. Whenever you hear that, you can also feel his happiness. Unexpectedly, you heard his laugh once again. You didn't think twice to follow that voice. However, what you saw is not as pleasing as it sounds like. It is Santa but he is not in a good position. He is in a room and he can't find his way out. It is very amazing to see Santa smiling positively despite of the challenges in his way. This inspires to be more positive with your life. But even if Santa is smiling, you can still sense some urgency. You still have help Santa to escape from there. You know that Santa has a lot of things to do during Christmas time.

You know that he will be happier if he can deliver the gifts on time. With that, you have to move around the place and look for items that you can use to help Santa out. Happy Santa Claus Escape is brand new point and click room escape game by Games 2 Jolly. Good luck and have fun!

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