Happy Postwoman Escape

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Archie just received a message on his phone coming from his friend who works as a postwoman, he has a message and it’s kind of important as she looks at it. A usual thing that she does even though the mail he will receive is just junk mail. It’s just their small teasing exaggeration for they were good friends. So he opened his door in anticipation for her until she arrives and just waiting in the living-room, after a while she did and it’s weird why he still heard his friend knock on the door even if it’s actually open. Why would she still knock? Well that’s when he discovered that his door was actually closed and mysteriously it’s quite hard to open!

Archie have no idea what happened, he could no longer open his door and that’s really weird. Archie needs to get this thing open now so he can receive his friend and his mail in his house. Escape players, you are in the shoes of Archie here with this weird situation at his door. Will you be able to help him here with your skills and logic so this can be solved quickly?

Happy Postwoman Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Happy Postwoman Escape

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