Happy New Year 2022 (8b Games)

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Rica was invited by her friend that day for she has something for her, and also maybe she can help her a bit in finishing some left-over dishes there last night when new year passed, she can even take home some if she likes. Well who is Rica to deny that offer, and it’s from a long-time friend so she’ll definitely respond to that.

Rica arrives at her friend’s house and of course she was welcomed, but she noticed that her friend wasn’t relaxed though and that’s why she asked what was going. Well actually she was trying to get Rica’s present out of this room which she could not open and she wasn’t relaxed for she doesn’t know what’s happening to it. Rica was not at all mystified by that, for it could just be locked normally. But that’s the problem though, for this thing never gets locked for it is actually busted! Okay then, maybe Rica can help here and besides the present is hers so she really needs to help. Escape players, you will be in the shoes of Rica here now and helping her friend is priority just to get this door unlocked and the present out. Will you be able to get this problem fixed and done?

Happy New Year 2022 is a brand new point and click item retrieval indoor escape game from 8b Games.

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