Friendly animals are about in Happy Jungle Escape game.

Happy Jungle Escape

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You are in the dark continent on a safari trip with your parents. While your parents are relaxing at the lodging, you set out on your own adventure. You were expecting to find there dangerous animals but it was not like that at all. The animals in the jungle are happy and also very friendly. However, the temperature has risen for the past couple of months due to global warming. They need your help to find more source of food and water. As you love animals, you agreed to help them. The animals are grateful and in turn, offers any assistance they can. The leader of the great African elephants asks you to ride his back and soon reaches a temple in the heart of the jungle.

Happy Jungle Escape is a point and click escape game in which you took a trip in the wild jungle. Find everything that animals require and finally you will escape the jungle. Good luck and have fun!


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Walkthrough video for Happy Jungle Escape

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