Happy Holi

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Holi is the most colorful festival in the world. In fact, people call is as the “Festival of Colors”. Some people also call this as the “Festival of Love.” Because in this festival, there’s no hate, just love. It’s s nice to see enthusiastic people splattering paint in anywhere in the city. It makes the city more colorful and adorable. It’s also not hard to make friends in this festival because everyone seems so friendly and approachable. They are all about fun!  But the fun stopped when a paint accidentally penetrated your eyes. You are in pain and a load of hyper people won’t help. You have to escape from the scene and go to the hospital quickly.

However, there are lots of people blocking your way so you really find it hard to get out. The good thing is, there are clues in the city that can help you to escape safely. Find those clues through the colors and enjoy the Happy Holi Festival. Happy Holi is a brand new point and click outdoor escape game from Ajaz Games. Use your logic to complete your escape. So what are your waiting for? Play this exciting escape game now. Have fun!

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