Happy Halloween Escape 2020 Game

Happy Halloween Escape 2020

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People in the village where Ziggy lives cannot imagine the horrors they had to face every time they enter the forest, for there is an area there which is sealed but at times the ones that are being sealed can escape and scare people who passes through the beaten path there! Ziggy knows not to get near the sealed area, but he too was a victim of the isolated area's mysteries. Ziggy has no idea what is being kept in that isolated area and why the seal doesn't work in keeping them in, so that day he did the opposite thing which his fellow villagers follow.

Ziggy entered the sealed area and from there, he had already went too far! There is now a higher chance that he'll never come back for the place is surrounded by illusions. Ziggy kept going still until, he found himself in a stony area and on one side, there was this cave which had been sculpted to look like a dragon or something. Ziggy is getting more confused, a bit scared, but still okay. Even then his logical mind is kicking-in, he thought he still has a chance to escape from there and also his conscience is telling him something, so it is right to leave from there right-now, probably return someday maybe with a ton of company too. Escape players, Ziggy needs to escape from the area he entered at least for now, but it seems that the illusions are starting to emerge and trying to get him to get lost in the place! Will you help him out to escape so he can return to his village?

Happy Halloween Escape 2020 is the newest point and click spooky wilderness escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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